Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disastrous Democratic debate last night

Since I had to work late, I had to miss it. Apparently the 21st debate between the Democratic candidates was peppered with all kinds of tabloid questions about Obama's minister and his, um, "connection" to a member of the 1960s radical Weather Underground group, whom Obama met in 1968—at the age of eight. There were lots of commercials, too.

All reviews have been to the tune of this being a wreck, of ABC News having disgraced itself. Keith Olbermann and Chuck Todd discuss the ABC debate at the link below. It's about eight and a half minutes, and Keith is as insightful as ever.

I wish I'd caught this train wreck. I hoped this crap wouldn't start this soon, but it has. I figured more of this would come from the McCain campaign than the media, but apparently the media have decided to do McCain's dirty work for him. Does it matter that George Stephanopoulos used to work in the Clinton White House? I'm thinking that maybe it does.

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