Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Indiana and North Carolina results

Okay, so the results are in:

North Carolina: Obama 56 (45 delegates), Clinton 42 (37 delegates) Indiana: Clinton 51 (32 delegates), Obama 49 (29 delegates)

It looked for a little bit like Obama might pull it off in Indiana, but in the end he fell about 20,000 votes short. Still, he came a lot closer in Indiana than a lot of people (including myself) thought he would. North Carolina was a clear win.

So where does this leave us in the pledged delegate count? Well, Obama has a net gain of... five. Five more pledged delegates than before, and a gain in the popular vote of about 211,000. If any superdelegates are going to switch after tonight, I haven't heard yet. But I'd be damned surprised if we didn't see a number of them declare for Obama after last night's primaries.

Currently, including superdelegates, Obama has 1,841.5 delegates, while Clinton has 1,700. That means Obama still needs 183 delegates in order to lock this thing up, while Clinton needs 324.5. 404 pledged delegates remain, 270.5 superdelegates remain.

It's over, Hillary. Accept it. Resign resign resign

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